The Expedo Consultant Dashboard [REVIEW]

The Consultant Dashboard is a place for your consultants to live within the system and have a visually easy way of knowing exactly what stage their candidate timesheets are in.

The Dashboard gives the flexibility for a consultant to view timesheets that are not yet submitted or timesheets that have not yet been approved with a running ‘live margin’ report based on those timesheets that are verified.

See Timesheet Statuses for more information on the flow and steps within each

From the Dashboard you are able to send reminder emails to all parties, search per consultant name and change the date periods, the board is user friendly and a seamless tool for any timesheet chasing duties.

Filter By Timesheet Status

Click View under a Timesheet Status to filter

Total Timesheets

These are the total timesheets including all status types, pending/rejected, submitted, approved and verified. Using the filters for the dates at the top of the page are a huge help with knowing how many timesheets are live for a weekly period for example.

Pending / Rejected

  • These are all of the timesheets that are currently in a pending status, therefore they have not been pushed through by the candidate for approval. There is the potential that you can see hours within a pending timesheet and this is due to candidate entering and saving timesheets daily but waiting until the entire timesheet is complete before submitting.

  • Rejected timesheets are based on a timesheet that has previously been submitted by the candidate but the approving manager has rejected this, therefore it is essentially put back in the pending position for the candidate to re-submit.

Within this screen you are able to select all or a select few and send through an email reminder that they have a timesheet they have not yet submitted. Once ‘email’ has been selected as well as those you are choosing to send to, there will be a redirection for you to populate the email you are able to send, this is then sent off through the system.


Once the candidate has submitted their timesheet this will then be sent off to the approving manager or direct line manager to either approve or reject the timesheet, in the consultant dashboard you are able to view who is listed as the approving manager and the email the timesheet has been directed to, if by chance this is incorrect this is something that can be easily picked up.

Send Reminders

You can send reminders about submitted timesheets from the Dashboard. This reminder is being sent to the approving manager that has been listed. You will be redirected to the email template in which you can amend before sending if need be. You are also able to select all timesheets or just the select few you are needing to.



Once a timesheet has been approved by the direct line manager the submitted status will then change to the ‘approved’ status this means that everyone prior to the payroll processor has played their part and the timesheet is sitting there ready to be processed. Within the dashboard you are able to view all approved timesheets and have an overview of the managers that have approved these.


Verified / Total Gross Margin


Additional Filters

The filters at the top of the screen give you the ability to focus the consultant dashboard on the data that you need.

You can filter by a combination of:

  • Host

  • Agency

  • Consultant

  • Candidate

  • Assignment Spec

We recommend using the filters when you are within the dashboard to make life that little bit easier, especially referring to the date filters, you will be able to push out the dates so those timesheets that are not yet relevant will not appear.