Rate Templates [REVIEW]

Rate templates are used when you have some sort of complexity to the pay and charge conditions that you need to standardize and make consistent for a group of staff and/or client. This typically occurs when you have a requirement to pay and charge for Overtime, Shift and/or Weekend Penalties, allowances etc and need to pre-build these for ease of use when building assignments and allocating these conditions.


Note for Integrations with ATS’s: We are able to use rate templates along side an ATS integration and also directly within Expedo rather than having to set up certain rules and pay schedule each time you are creating a new assignment.


You are able to set up rate templates in the administrator log in or as a client user log in with admin access.

Login > Select 'Administrator' profile > Settings > Rate Templates

Login > Client User > Timesheets > Rate Templates

Note: You must have the following items set u prior to being able to complete a rate template.

Companies - https://expedo.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/ESG/pages/563478727

Payroll Integration - https://expedo.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/ESG/pages/563413190