Expedo Marketplace provides a number of pre-built templates for a variety of content types that you can access and utilise straight away. 


The Marketplace offers the following template types:

  • Contracts: Templates for employment contracts.

  • Learning: Courses with assessments to upskill your workforce.

  • Workflows: Templates with a structure sequence of activities for repetitive tasks.

  • Letters: Templates for all purpose letters.


Using a template

If you are interested in using a template from the Marketplace, add it to your library first. To do this, click on the buton to “Add to Library” on the template.

This will download the template into your library so you can start using it.

The following icon indicates that the template is present in your library.


Note: As of March 2021 only the Contract Templates have the option to add to the library. All other template types: workflows, letters and courses can be used right away if they are in the Marketplace. In the future they all will have to be added to My Library before you can use them.


My Library

This is the list of templates that you own. This is composed of templates you downloaded from the Marketplace and the ones you created yourself. To read more on your library go to the My Library page.