Position Library

*Note this article is representative of the Australian functionality. See the appropriate articles for NZ, UK, Singapore contract templates.


Use this module to set up the positions you need for your operations.


On the left hand side of the screen you will see the list of positions in your library.

On the right hand side, a summary of responsibilities and requirements for the selected position.


Step 1: Customise Position

Use this option to rename the position, add a description or modify the list of responsibilities and requirements.


Step 2: Contract Template Selection 

If you know the engagement type you need for the position, select it to view the appropriate contracts in our contract library.

There is also an option to upload and edit your own contracts.

These options may vary depending on the country your employing entity is based.

Or, upload your own contract and use the document builder to design your custom contract.

Contract templates listed here are those that:

  1. you uploaded yourself

  2. came packaged by default with Expedo HR

  3. you downloaded from the Marketplace

Select the contract(s) you are likely to need ready for engaging your workers under this position. You will see in brackets various types of contracts which represent:

  • (Award) - Meaning the engagement and role will fall under the 'coverage' of a Fair Work Australia Modern Award, and will need to be linked accordingly with such details.

  • (Non-Award) - Meaning the engagement and role DOES NOT fall under the 'coverage' of a Fair Work Australia Modern Award and does not need references to any Award names or classifications.

  • (Enterprise Agreement) - Meaning the engagement and role falls under the  'coverage' of your own registered (with FWA) companies Enterprise Agreement, and will need to be linked accordingly with such details.

You will notice the blue border around the contracts you are selected. Note you can always add more contract types later as required.


Step 3: Select Award & Classifications

*This step/functionality is only enabled for Australian based employing entities.

This step is available only if any of the contracts you selected in the previous step is ‘Award’ based, in which case, you will be required to link an appropriate Modern Award & Classification against this position. This allows you to pre-set, select and embed these into the contract when building and issuing a contract for a worker.

If you do not think the requirement for an Award/Classification selection is appropriate for your role, please go back to Select Engagement Contract and choose a different contract, or use the Contract Builder tool to make a contract custom to your needs.

During this step you will be prompted to search and select the Award and appropriate classifications that represent your position.

  • Note this list is pre-built and presented and directly reflects the awards, classifications and pay rates as defined by Fair Work Australia.

  • TIP: You can edit/build additional classification names, salary bands and more under the Add Custom Award Types button on this screen and/or Add Awards/Classifications within the super-admin functionality.

Step 4: Select/Add Addition Documents

Additional documents will allow a pre-set suite of documents to be presented to the worker for either:

  • Acknowledgment

  • Sign-off

    • By Company Representative and/or

    • By Worker

The 'additional documents' section becomes your very own 'document library' as you upload new document templates. Meaning that once you have uploaded a document the first time, it will forever be visible in the Expedo HR system to be re-used across other positions. 


Upload new Document Template

As you 'upload your document templates, you will be presented with two options:

  • File Upload:

  • Document Builder: 

Using File Upload:

This is the best option if you have a document that does not contain and 'merge fields' that are dynamic in nature. File upload option will present an existing PDF or Word Document as a flat file for 'acknowledgment only'. If you DO have merge elements, or a requirement for an embedded signature of similar, please use the Document Builder option.

Using Document Builder:

Enter in the name/type and sign-off/acknowledgement requirements as required.

Document Type

Drop down list contains your current document types which is used for categorisation/reporting/filing purposes throughout the system.

*If you need to adjust/add a document type, please contact your System Administrator or Expedo Support


The name of the document when presented to worker, and shown throughout the system.

Requires Company Signature

Toggle ON if you require

Requires Worker Signature

Toggle ON if you require

Require Worker Acknowledgement

Toggle ON if you require an 'acknowledgment' button to be presented along with the document, of which will be a compulsory requirement before the on-boarding can be finalised and submitted from the worker back to HR for approval/confirmation.


The select SAVE to continue to the document builder. See Document Builder article to understand more about your options and process.


Once you have uploaded you relevant documents, select the documents templates you need linked/presented to the workers whom on-board using this position. 

  • TIP: Select the documents 'in order of sequence', which will then present on the left hand side reflecting the order of which these documents will present to the worker. You may need to un-select all documents and re-select in order to achieve this when adding in a new document to an existing set.

Scanned Documents

There is an option to pre-set a requirement for either the HR user, Approving Manager, or Worker to upload a document during the on-boarding process. Note that no matter who/when the document is uploaded, all of these will be presented to the worker either during the onboard submission, or after the on-boarding has been confirmed by HR.

You can have multiple documents/requirements here where needed, repeat where needed.

If required, you then have the ability to indicate the requirement of each 'scanned document'.

  • Title - The name of the document being requested for upload

  • Details - Provide further instructions on the requirements here.

  • Person to upload this:

    • Manager - The 'approver' selected during the onboard build will be presented with this requirement BEFORE it is issued to the worker. Typically this can be a Position Description, Introductory Letter or similar which is not pre-set against the position documents. Allowing for an ad-hoc upload where needed.

    • Employee - The worker is presented with the 'requirement to upload' during their on-boarding phase and steps within. Typically this would be a request for 'Current CV/Resume' or similar where you want a current version captured and saved on file and presented back to HR during the approval phase.

    • Approver - This is presented to the 'Approver' AFTER the on-board has been submitted by the worker and is being reviewed.

 See 'Position/Onboarding Workflow' to understand sequentially the details of how/when this is presented.


Step 5: Select/Add Addition Requirements

You can include a range of common 'additional requirements' as part of the pre-built position and on-boarding template. These are pre-built for ease of use and activation, but you also have the ability to add/edit these where needed.

Skip this section if you do not wish to include any of these options

  • Select Expedo Course

Expedo Marketplace provides a suite of pre-built Induction Courses that can be selected and included during the worker's on-boarding experience. These courses are presented within the 'Additional Requirements Tile' and examples of these can be viewed by selecting hte preview buttons on-screen. Coursework can contain a range of Videos, Text and/or Images to assist with learning, as well as a True/False or Multi Choice Quiz/Exam after the training to test learning outcomes. 

You can also build your own induction courses which can be published and used here as well.


Select the course(s) relevant to your company and position.

  • Activate VEVO Checking - Toggle ON/OFF where needed.

If ON, your worker will be presented with the requirement to add in personal details and work rights (Passport/Visa/Birth Certificate) to enable Expedo to capture/send this for Visa Entitlement Verification Online service. This will check with authorities the relevant visa/conditions and report back to HR users the outcome for approval and subsequent continuation of the on-boarding process by the worker.

See the VEVO ON - On-boarding sequence/workflow, with examples for clarity.


  • License Requirements - Toggle ON/OFF, and make MANDATORY/OPTIONAL where applicable against this particular position.

    • you can Add New License during this step as well if you cannot see a license required for this position.

  • Other Requirements - Toggle ON/OFF, where needed for this particular position.

    • Profile Picture - will request an upload of a profile picture that will be stored in the system against the worker profile. (as mandatory requirement during onboard)

    • Work Rights - will request the relevant work rights for your particular country. See Worker - Work Rights for more information and examples.

    • Qualification - will request your worker to input relevant information based on their qualifications/certificates or similar for this position/role. See 'Worker - Qualification for more information and examples.

    • Previous Position Held - will request your worker to input relevant information based on their previous positions held, related to this new onboarding/position/role. See 'Worker - Previous Positions Help for more information and examples.

    • Bank Details - request bank details (up to 3 account splits) within the onboarding flow. See 'Worker - Bank Details for more information and examples.

TIP: Unless the position/role absolutely requires the qualifications/previous positions held, it is recommended that these are toggled OFF to allow for quick and easy submission of the on-boarding information by the worker. These requirements tend to slow down the onboarding submission rates as the workers tend to need to go away and find old documentation etc unnecessarily.

Step 6: Additional Questions

You can include a range of miscellaneous questions during the on-boarding process to capture additional data and uploads. These questions are presented to HR during the on-boarding approval step for confirmation/rejection where applicable.

You can build these yourself and are specific to each Position. Questions can be 'grouped' for easy of presentation and use and each question can incorporate one of the below types:

  • Yes/No (Must select either Y/N)

  • Text (Free text input)

  • File Upload (PDF, Picture)

  • Drop Down (

Create additional questions by:

New Group> Fill in Title and Description where required:

New Question > Fill in Question Text & Description where required > Answer Type > Answer required (makes mandatory) where needed.

This is an example of how a group of questions can be built and presented to a worker.