Induction Courses

Inductions are a type of course which is presented to workers during the onboarding process, and usually occurs prior to the worker's commencement date.

Timely completion of company-specific training and assessments allows your workers to be across your business requirements prior to their first day.


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Induction Courses generally have 2 key components:

  1. Content

  2. Questions


Content is the information or training materials which can consist of a mix of:

  • Text

  • Images

  • Videos

This content can be displayed across multiple pages.


Questions let you test what the worker has learned from the content.

The answer types are:

  • True / False

  • Or multiple choice 

You can view Expedo Marketplace Induction Course templates for a position under,

HR & Payroll → Positions → 'Position Name' → Additional Requirements → Expedo Courses

Or you can build your own induction course by going to

Company Settings → Induction Courses → New Course

Building out your own personalised course can be as simple or as complex as you would like it to be, but the fundamental structure of the build needs to be as follows:

Build Content

  • Add Section

  • Add Column (Type)

  • Add Content

    • Text

    • Image

    • Video


  • TIP: When dragging in the elements, wait of the 'grey area' to appear and then drop the element.

  • TIP: Click on the little cog/circle to edit the element

  • TIP: Use the '4 arrows' to drag elements to different sections should you want to.

  • TIP: Use/add additional sections to create segments/page of learning etc.


Build Questions:

You can make the answer types:

  • True/False

  • Or Multiple Choice

The questions should test the workers' competency with their induction training.

These assessments help build evidence of their learning before being able to progress through and submit their on-boarding documentation for review and approval.