Xemplo Hire

Xemplo Hire will enable you to bring your worker hiring process into the Xemplo system.

Seamless Job Board Integration

Create jobs using your position specifications from Xemplo HR and seamlessly publish job ads to leading job board sites without leaving the Xemplo platform.

Build Talent Pools

Get creative with your hiring strategy by organising potential recruits into talent pools for future opportunities that may arise.

Streamlined Applicant Screening

Eliminate the tedious, manual process of screening suitable applicants. Use smart filters to find qualified candidates who are the best fit for the job opening.

Smooth Onboarding

Ensure chosen talent are kept engaged through a streamlined application process that leads directly to onboarding within Xemplo HR. Get contracts signed faster and eliminate the manual copying of applicant details between multiple systems!

Follow the links below to read more about a specific Xemplo Hire Feature and how to use it.