Assignments [REVIEW]

The purpose of an assignment is to set the parameters for ‘worker - host’ interactions relating to timesheet, payroll and invoicing needs. We jump into the candidates requirements and the presentation or display of what we want them to see and how we would like this to flow through to the processing end.

This section will show you how to:

  • Create New Assignments

  • Edit Existing Assignments

  • Archive/Disable Assignments


You will need 'White Label Administrator' access to be create or change assignments. If you cannot see or access the assignments section in Expedo, please contact your Expedo system administrator.


Login → Select 'Administrator' Profile → Timesheets → Assignments


Before creating or editing assignments, we need to ensure the following items have been set up. Please follow the relevant links and do so if necessary.

  1. Engagements-

  2. Workers -

  3. Timesheet Managers -

  4. Rate Templates -