Article Writing Style Guide (internal)

Titles & Headings

Write titles using “Title Case”.

Use headings to break up content.

Both make it easier to add links and optimise for searches


Describe the problem the article addresses.

Can include an example use case where the where the problem/process might occur.

State which users article is for (if applicable)


Describe or show how to get to the function from the homepage

Will be added later in Zendesk

Underline where links should go for easy ID during transition.

Article Content

Use Screenshots or GIFs if something isn’t obvious from the screen.

Spread things out, avoid a large block of text.

If the same process is likely to appear in several articles, put it in a separate article and link to it from all of those articles.

Article Length

If an article is around 2+ pages long (and can’t be separated) please include a “jump to” index of headings for hyperlinks at the top of the page, after the description.

Marking Up

When reviewing/editing articles that weren’t assigned to ‘YOU’, please either:

  • Make comments proposing change/clarity? (For important/major changes)

  • Markup/change the content, but then make the colour reflect as:

    • Lauren = Orange

    • Dwain = Green

    • David = Yellow

    • Tim = Blue

    • Sean = Purple