Timesheets [REVIEW]

The purpose of Timesheets within Expedo is to allow workers to capture any relevant time-based details (hourly/daily/fixed variable) in a consistent way. This allows the Expedo system to calculate pay and charge conditions and push the information through to Payroll and Invoicing/Billing etc.

Timesheets are generated and become available to workers once the details of the assignment (and parameters are saved) against the assignment & worker. Once this occurs, the invite is then sent to the worker for them to complete and submit through the standard workflow & approval process as indicated in the assignment.


This section will show you how Timesheets can be:

  • Created

  • Approved

  • Cancelled


If you cannot see or access the Timesheets section of Expedo, please contact your Expedo system administrator.


Login → Select 'Administrator' Profile → Timesheets → Timesheets


If you do not have any timesheets that have been automatically created from an assignment, you will need to create assignments as a starting point. Head to this article for information on creating an assignment. https://expedo.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/ESG/pages/558434009


If you currently utilise other methods of ‘timesheet capture’ or do not yet wish for your workers to submit their timesheets directly into Expedo Timesheets, there are alternatives available to you via:

  • Bulk Timesheets

  • Bulk Import

  • Bulk Entry