Task Template Settings

Tasks gives your company a centralised location for users to track to-dos in Expedo

A Task Template allows you to automate the creation of set of commonly occurring Tasks

For example,

  1. A new worker is onboarded

  2. The IT department is notified and assigned the task of setting up system access for the worker

  3. The worker is sent induction information by HR

  4. Manager receives a calendar invite to greet the worker on first day

Navigate to Company Profile & Settings → More → Task Templates

Click ‘Edit’ to modify an existing Task Template.

Or click ‘New’ to add a new Task Template.


A 'Template name' and a 'Trigger by' are required.

Templates can be triggered manually or by an onboarding.

Within the template, add individual tasks.

All of these individual Tasks will be created when the Task Template is used.