KeyPay Integration

KeyPay can be used to sync payroll information such as:

  • Worker & Payroll Details

  • Leave

  • Locations (Expedo HR)

  • Timesheets

  • Work Types

  • Expense categories (Expedo Timesheets)

Set up a KeyPay Integration

Go to Settings → Company Settings → Integrations → New → KeyPay

We recommend that you login to your KeyPay account in another tab to find the information necessary for this integration.

Here you can enter the details of your company’s KeyPay account.


These fields must be filled in correctly to successfully integrate KeyPay and Expedo:

Business ID

Found in your unique URL, e.g.


Found in your settings in KeyPay 'My Account → Account Details '


Additional Fields:

Sync Locations

This option is only available if you have this set up inside of KeyPay.

When On, this will pull across 'locations' found within the Keypay Database into the Expedo Site Settings


Auto-Export Expense Request


Auto-Export Leave Request


Auto Export Onboardings

  • If activated, any onboardings which have been reached the 'completed' status within the onboarding module will push the Personal/Payroll data through to the payroll system.

  • This new onboard will be presented on the dashboard as 'un-finalized employee' which would then require the final payroll related items entered/saved before they would be 'active' and presented into the subsequent pay runs.


Click ‘Sync’ to refresh and update the data that Expedo has from KeyPay.

It’s a good idea to sync before editing any of these Payroll Settings

Primary Pay Category

Pay Schedule

  • Select the most common pay schedule applicably to your workers. You can adjust this later if need be.

  • You can add/edit a pay schedule before proceeding.

Expense Category

  • Select the most common expense category applicably to your workers. You can always adjust this later if need be.

  • You can add/edit expense categories before proceeding.

Work Type

  • Select the most common work types applicably to your workers. You can always adjust this later if need be.

  • If you need to, you can add/edit your leave categories to link according.

Once you have double checked your information and are happy to continue, please select 'Save'

Once you have completed you integration setup, you can now check/edit

  • Company Details - Sites (Link to relevant article)

  • Company Details - Turn on ‘Default Super’ (Under basic details), so this option appears for workers during onboarding.

  • Import your workers

  • Options within your Expedo Timesheets functionality (where needed)

    • Assignments (Link to relevant article)

    • Pay Rate Templates (Link to relevant article)

Integration Detailed Fields

Where Is My Data?

You might be wondering where your data is at certain stages of your payroll process.

  • Are the updated figures only in KeyPay or have they already been synced with Expedo?

  • Is the data I’ve entered into Expedo already showing in KeyPay?

Expedo Triggers

Here is an overview of the actions in Expedo which will trigger an exchange of data with your KeyPay account.

First-time Set Up

When you set up the integration between Expedo and KeyPay for the first time in Company Settings, you will see an option to Sync the data for the first time.

This will retrieve the following from KeyPay:

  • Pay Category

  • Pay Schedule

  • Expense Category

  • Leave Category

  • Work Type

Export Contract (Manually)

When a Manager approves a contract in Expedo, these actions will be triggered:

  • Create a new Employee in KeyPay

    • to match the new employee who signed the contract

    • includes the signed contract

  • Create an Employee Super Fund in KeyPay

    • for the new Employee who signed the contract

Export Employee (Automatic)

After an Onboarding is completed, these actions will automatically be triggered:

  • Employee details will be sent from Expedo to KeyPay or updated if the employee already exists in KeyPay

Export Timesheet

When a Payroll Batch is exported from Expedo, these actions will be triggered:

  • Timesheets will be exported from Expedo into KeyPay

  • Employees in the payroll batch will be exported from Expedo into KeyPay

    Only if not already in KeyPay

Sync Payroll Batch

After a pay run has been completed and you sync the payroll batch, these actions will be triggered:

  1. Pull earnings line from KeyPay into Expedo

    1. for margin report

    2. for superannuation of worker

  2. Export Expenses

  3. Save KeyPay earnings lines to Expedo